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Esterházy Cake and Mr. Wilson #CakeSliceBakers

When I was a kid, I remember watching a live action version of Dennis the Menace. The main plot revolves around Mr. Wilson’s plant that he’s taken care of for many years, preparing for the one time it blooms—briefly, but spectacularly. Dennis, being the trouble-maker that he is, breaks tons of stuff and causes problems that (predictably) result in Mr. Wilson missing his flower’s once-in-a-lifetime bloom. It’s funny—as a kid I sympathized with Dennis against all the mean adults who should have been more patient and understanding. Now I totally identify with Mr. Wilson! In fact, I can’t even watch movies where kids make huge messes and destroy things any more. Too close to real life, maybe.
I’m turning into an old person.

Get off my lawn, you hooligans!

In a way, Mr. Wilson’s plant reminds me of this month’s Cake Slice bake—the Esterházy Cake. It is truly a celebration cake, a bit of a production to get on the table, and doesn’t last long ;) It was certainly eaten eagerly, bu…

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