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Pine Nut Weekend Cake #TheCakeSliceBakers

 Pine Nuts are called piñones where I'm from.  The piñón tree is actually the state tree of New Mexico (because out here, it's important to make things like that official. The state cookie is a biscochito, and the state question is "Red or green [chile]," in case you're wondering. Our tax dollars at work!) I'm originally from Santa Fe, and there's nothing like the smell of piñon wood burning in fireplaces at Christmas time. And piñon penuche fudge from a local candy maker is *maybe* one of the best things ever. So, when I saw the Pine Nut Weekend Cake as a choice for this month's Cake Slice Bake, the decision was easy. Check out the links below to see what the other bakers chose! This recipe from Gateau: The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes is also one of the more interesting (interesting-er?) methods for making a cake that I've seen-- it calls for whipping heavy cream instead of using butter. You then add granulated sugar, extracts, and eggs

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