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Sticky Ginger Cake with Caramelized White Chocolate Buttercream #CakeSliceBakers

It's a new year and a new recipe book for the Cake Slice Bakers! This year, we will be baking through The New Way to Cake by Benjamina Ebuehi of Great British Bake Off renown.

In this book, bold flavors are front and center--while decorations are kept minimal. This is..ahem...a change for me. I do love to decorate. But I reeled myself in for this Sticky Ginger Cake with Caramelized White Chocolate Buttercream. I can't promise I won't go decorating-mad in the future, but at least this month the flavors are king.

The cakes in this book are considerably "foodie-er" than cakes I have baked before. In last year's The European Cake Cookbook, there were many cakes that I'd never tried--but they were someone's "classics" even if I wasn't familiar with them.

These cakes are more stylized.

More unexpected.

More suited to moody atmospheric photography.

I really debated about which cake to pick out of our choices this month. I took a risk and chose…

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