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Blackberry Diva Cake #TheCakeSliceBakers

Every time I leaf through the pages of a new cookbook, there's always one recipe that stands out.  In Zoe Bakes Cakes, this was the one: the Blackberry Diva Cake. *For "the ones" from other books we've baked through, check out these posts: Peach Zefir Torte Elderflower and Roasted Strawberry Layer Cake Chocolate Malt Cake I don't know if it was the layers, or the blackberries, or the mountain of toasty meringue--but it called to me. It's a type of patisserie called an "Opera Cake," so it probably called in an operatic vibrato.  When I think of a "diva," I think of someone who's a huge pain in the neck--but you're willing to put up with them because they’re also fabulous, dah-ling! Zoe calls this cake a diva--an opportunity to stretch your baking skills and try a variety of techniques.  And in a way, I agree with her.  Making it WAS a process.  But the hardest part (as I often find when I'm trying something challenging) was looki

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